Van Chesnutt

Travel from a quirky, not middle-of-the-road perspective is what Push the Red Button is all about. A humorous travel journal, its purpose is to bring a smile to your face and possibly a laugh or two.

Brian and the Storm, Mr. Chesnutt's second book is a children's book, it is the story of a young boy and his dog experiencing and dealing with their first hurricane.

I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world. — Mary Anne Radmacher

Image-Author Van Chesnutt In Florida

Both books are are available in the Apple bookstore.

Push the Red Button

Image-Link to Push the Red Button page Whether it's hiking in Zion Canyon, learning about the peculiarities of Peter the Great or Richard the Lionheart, traveling by train in Italy or experiencing lemoncello for the first time, this book describes the little things that make traveling an adventure. Push the Red Button is a collection of anecdotes and stories experienced by the author over years of travel. Mr. Chesnutt's dry humor and sense of the absurd is what makes you feel like you are seeing the world with him.

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Brian and the Storm

Image-Link to Brian and the Storm page Brian and the Storm is a children's book about a young boy and his dog experiencing their first hurricane. Brian and his dog, Penny, find out that a hurricane is a bit more than just another storm and that things can happen that are unanticipated. While the story is set in South Florida, it is relatable to any area prone to severe storms. Illustrated by Alyce Wolfe.

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There Is No Red Button

Image-Link to There Is No Red Button page A continuation of Push the Red Button, There Is No Red Button relates travel experiences where there was/is no red button to push when things go awry. Think of a tour member disappearing in an Egyptian night market, freezing under a clear night sky while star-gazing in Sedona or dealing with hordes of school children in Monet's garden in Giverny. In these situations, all you can do is wait to see how things end up.

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