About Van

Van grew up in South Florida. He moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1979 to work for Boeing. Then, after a 20-year career, struck out on his own as an independent computing consultant, work he still does today. He still visits South Florida a couple times a year to see family and friends.

Travel has always been a part of Van's life; as a child he would travel north to South Georgia, to the little town of Barwick to spend summers living with his grandmother in a trailer in a pecan grove. Then after leaving home and getting married, travel was still part of what he did. First, traveling within the US and then on to foreign travel experiencing the adventures as described in Push the Red Button.

After moving to the Pacific Northwest, Van traveled quite a bit for Boeing, but still had a yearning to see the world. His horizons expanded to include not only Europe, but parts of the Pacific including Fiji, Tahiti and Australia. After most vacations, he wrote travel journals which ended up becoming the basis Push the Red Button and forthcoming There's No Red Button

Somewhere along the way, he found the time to write Brian and the Storm in hopes of helping children who live in hurricane prone areas know that they are not alone in what they might experience in such a storm.

Image-Van In Egypt

At the Temple of Hatshepsut